Protect against airborne viruses wherever you go

Proven safe and effective at blocking airborne viruses for 6 hours per application.

Perfect for travel - take BioSURE PRO & simply spray, protect and go. Because who’s got time to miss out?

  • Spray

    Just 2 sprays in each nostril provides you with 6 hours of protection against colds, flu and other viruses. So you can work, play, dance, travel...the choice is yours!

  • Protect

    With 400 sprays, that's 600 hours of protection in each bottle, our spray creates a physical barrier so that viruses cannot attach to the cells in your nasal passages and cannot infect.

  • Go

    Before you go anywhere where you know you will have increased exposure to airborne viruses simply Spray, Protect & Go and protect yourself before airborne viruses start

BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray - Independently Proven to be Safe & Effective

Numerous studies have evidenced the effectiveness of BioSURE PRO Protective Nasal Spray at blocking a wide range of airborne viruses, including rotavirus A, common colds, flu, coronaviruses and their variants.

BioSURE PRO is not a medicine, has no pharmalogical action and has no known side effects. Our evaluations show no evidence of being able to overdose or develop dependencies from frequent use and no long term reduction in it's effectiveness due to prolonged use.

  • Airport

  • Flying

  • Public transport

  • Taxi

  • Hotel

  • Going out

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Block Airborne Viruses

The unique patented formula creates an invisible barrier in your nasal passages, which helps stops you catching airborne respiratory viruses.

It essentially physically blocks the virus from being able to enter the cells. If the virus cannot enter the cell, it cannot replicate and therefore cannot cause infection.

So any time you know you will be at more risk of airborne viruses and you simply have haven't got time to miss out, take control and spray, protect, go with BioSURE PRO.

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